local to local

Daily observations at or near Two Dot Spot, written by hand on the backs of postcards that record with ink and coffee a few minutes of the earth's orbit around the sun. The cards are physically mailed from Two Dot, Montana to those who have requested them...local to local. Ruth Marie Tomlinson


Morgane Rae is here this week helping me with Flat Fall.  She is the perfect assistant: meticulous, hard working, and a pleasure to be with.  We’ve both learned to use a chainsaw and she is sanding day and night. I fear for her shoulder, but her stamina reminds me moment by moment that I am sixty and she is a strong 21. Last night we had help getting the downed limb completely to the ground from the Knudsons, father and son. They are the best combination of knowledgeable and game for anything. The process involved a pickup and a winch (which I keep calling a wench), some speculation and crossed fingers, and a little crashing and rolling. We were all covered in sawdust, mosquito repellant, sweat, Dorito dust, and more than a few mosquito bites.