local to local

Daily observations at or near Two Dot Spot, written by hand on the backs of postcards that record with ink and coffee a few minutes of the earth's orbit around the sun. The cards are physically mailed from Two Dot, Montana to those who have requested them...local to local. Ruth Marie Tomlinson


It felt like I was in the house all day, though I really wasn’t. Perhaps it is because I have been stuck inside myself. I raised my hand in greeting three times today when cars passed the schoolhouse. Jerry passed by first on his mid-afternoon rounds, then the Wheatland County Sheriff who has recently been circling the town almost daily, and finally a stranger in a blue sedan.  These were my contacts and I was counting them! It rained most of last night and morning. The distance remained hazy all day. I felt hemmed in even in my beloved Montana landscape. I can recall winter days when I longed for a stretch of time alone, but I don’t feel that now. Even so… I choose here and the simple clean shock of time with myself.