local to local

Daily observations at or near Two Dot Spot, written by hand on the backs of postcards that record with ink and coffee a few minutes of the earth's orbit around the sun. The cards are physically mailed from Two Dot, Montana to those who have requested them...local to local. Ruth Marie Tomlinson

7.31.2012… few clouds, no wind

I’ve been thinking further about A.B. Guthrie’s quote and a relationship to Annie Dillard’s exploration into the particular and its place in the whole. We do all leave an impact of some sort, one affecting the next and the next affecting the one after that. Our choices leave physical imprints…more now than ever. But the earth is strong. I believe it will survive. It may not be habitable to us, but it will survive. Perhaps it is only our bed we are fowling. I began this thought process with more hope. I was considering our individual ability to influence and the collective impact created. We are at once the particular and the whole.